Squalane Oil for Skin: What are the Benefits?

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Are you one of those who had to deal with dry skin? Then you understand the challenges of keeping your skin properly hydrated at all times. There are a lot of choices out there for dealing with such concerns, ranging from regular moisturizer to oil.

In this post, we will be talking about the hydrating powerhouse that is known as squalene.


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  3. What are Benefits of Squalane Oil in your skin?
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What is Squalane Oil and how can it benefit my skin?

So what is Squalane oil is a byproduct of squalene. It’s a hydrocarbon that is naturally occurring in the body. Keep in mind that the body has as much as thirteen percent of squalene. Like collagen, the quantity of squalene in your skin reduces as you grow older. It helps the skin tap into such resources when it needs added hydration.

Keeping that in mind, it is smart that you begin utilizing different resources of both squalane oil and squalene as early as your mid-twenties. Such resources can be seen both in food and in topical products.

Are you a fan of using natural oils on your skin? Then using squalene oil won’t be a tough transition for you. Nonetheless, there are a few people who feel uncomfortable about putting these healthy oils on their skin, especially on the face area.

You might not see the skin care ingredients list on your favorite skin care products, but you would be shocked if you discover that most of them are some kind of natural oils, especially squalene oil.

Did you know that squalene is a shark-derived squalane? It is obtained by using shark liver oil. Nowadays, thanks to modern advancements, it is not needed to tear down shark livers to get high amounts of these skin-loving ingredients.

It can be easily obtained from plants made into a substance and continues to be utilized either in conjunction or in isolation with other skin-loving ingredients.

Difference Between Squalane and Squalene Oil?

You may be wondering about the difference between this two. Is there actually a difference? Well, there is.

Remember that squalane is made from hydrogenating squalene oil. That means squalane becomes firmer, and it will have a higher melting point than before.

Squalene oil and squalane oil formulas are quite the same both in terms of what they are made of and their consistency. Nonetheless, it is true that hydrogeneration fats that are obtained through the hydrogenation process aren’t so easily accepted by the skin. They could be more comedogenic. 

What are the Benefits of Squalane Oil in Your Skin?

So what does Squalane do for skin? Did you know that squalane oil has many moisturizing benefits? If you are not convinced about using squalane oil in your regular skin care routine, then you should change your mind after you notice the skin problems it can help with. That’s especially true no matter what your skin type is—combination skin, oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, or acne-prone skin.

Read more to explore all the great squalane benefits:

Squalane oil protects your skin from harmful UV rays

You know how essential it is to apply sunscreen when going out. UV rays cause as much damage as free radicals do, even though the impact is not as immediate. Too much sun exposure can’t just lead to sunspots, but it can also cause skin cancer, and you don’t like to risk that.

The ideal way to help stop premature signs of hyperpigmentation and aging is by applying sunscreen every time you go out in the sun and incorporating squalane oil and olive oil products into your regular skin care routine.

Squalane is a tool for fighting free radicals

It might be shocking, but squalane helps prevent oxidative damage to your skin, which is a harmful process your skin goes through. It also leads to much trouble, such as causing acne, dark spots, and premature aging.

Use squalane oil on a regular basis, and you will stop oxidative damage from happening in the first place—major importance if you are after beautiful skin.

Squalane oil has anti-aging properties

In case you didn’t know yet, dry skin types are more prone to getting premature signs of aging than people with oily skin types.

That’s because when the skin is deprived of moisture for a longer time, it is more likely to wrinkle. So how can you stop this? One solution is to use squalane oil regularly.

Squalane oil keeps the skin hydrated without causing clog pores, which other oils often do. Are you using a lightweight moisturizer? It will not just hydrate your dry skin, but it will soften it, minimizing the appearance of premature signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

Try giving squalane oil a go, especially if you are on the lookout for an effective and natural anti-aging product.

Squalane oil is non-comedogenic

This is perhaps the most crucial thing to remember when selecting a skin care product. You need to know how high it scores on the comedogenic scale. Is Squalane Comedogenic? Luckily, squalane oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it scores low and it won’t cause any spots or acne. That also indicates it is ideal for any skin type out there, even those with sensitive skin.

Because of that, you will not have any problems with its application. If you do not use any products with squalane and this is your first time using it, it is smart to perform a patch test before using it on your face.

Squalane oil has antibacterial properties

Did you know that squalane oil has natural antibacterial properties? If you are suffering from skin problems like dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema, it will help you treat the bacteria that are causing your skin problems and reduce redness.

Bacteria are challenging to handle. Most patients suffering from acne are prescribed antibiotics. Those can be useful while you are taking them, but after you get off them, your skin problems will begin to come back because the root problem is not properly addressed.

It can serve as a prime moisturizer

Everyone needs some moisture in their lives unless you have particularly oily skin. Nonetheless, oily skin types also receive a small amount of squalane as they get older. Meaning that a change in skin type occurs naturally.

It is not uncommon for people to change skin types in their mid-thirties. Squalane oil has hydrating effects and helps the skin become more moisturized naturally since it’s already found in the body.

Do you have dry skin? Use squalane oil as it immensely offers continuous moisture. If you experience dryness throughout the winter, squalane oil will help you fight those common signs of cold weather.

Do you have combination type of skin? This naturally found oil can treat the dry areas on the face.

How to Use Squalane Oil Benefits in Your Routine

If you are thorough about the products you use on your face, chances are you are familiar with how they can cross-react with one another and mess with your progress, not to mention causing unwanted side effects.

Fortunately, with plant-derived squalane oil, you don’t need to think about any of that. How to use Squalane Oil by not interfering with other skin care products (like eye cream) you might be using at the moment.

Here are some types of how you can take advantage of the anti-aging, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties and other squalane oil benefits:

Use it as a moisturizer

Would you like to boost the amount of squalane in your skin? Maybe you like to use it for its moisturizing benefits. You can begin by using a few drops of the oil directly on the skin a few times per week.

After your skin gets used to it, you can increase the application by using it each night. It is easily absorbed into the skin and will not cause any irritation, so you do not need to think about that matter.

Also, squalane creates a barrier between the sebaceous glands and any environmental factors. It is a smart idea to use a few drops of the oil before leaving your house to safeguard your skin from pollution and dust.

Another great option is to purchase a regular moisturizer that already has squalane and Vitamin C and Vitamin E in it. That will guarantee you receive the proper moisture your skin needs but will be handier for application.

Use squalane for spots and hyperpigmentation

Squalane has the unique benefit of helping treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Many people suffer from them.

Using a product with high concentrations of squalane can help fade those dark spots over time and safeguard new ones from building up. Further, using the oil for the skin will make sure it’s protected from within, so you will be efficiently dealing with any occurring skin problems in the end. 

Best Squalane Oil Products

Since Squalane Oil is so beneficial to your skin, we tried to use it in as many of our products as possible.

AM Eye Cream

PM Facial Serum

PM Facial Moisturizer

Each of these products use Squalane Oil and have other incredible ingredients in them. Because squalane is such an incredible moisturizer and vessel for other active ingredients, these products are incredibly effective.


Final Takeaway

There you have it! There’s no doubt that the benefits of squalane are massive. Using squalane oil is a certain way to increase its amount in your body. It has amazing health benefits, ranging from hydrating to natural antioxidant properties to anti-aging ones.

If you are not confident about using it on your skin, you can always consult a board-certified dermatologist.

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